Experience Backdrop


Our team has more than 90 years cumulatively serving in government and doing government relations work. That means, we know who to contact on behalf of our clients—and those contacts know us. Vectre provides government officials with current insight on issues. Our institutional knowledge serves as vital background for new officials.

Ethics Backdrop

Work Ethic

We work hard for our clients’ interests, and we work ethically. The firm was founded on the conviction that thorough preparation is the secret to producing successful results. It is not sufficient to talk to a majority of the members of a committee or subcommittee before a vote. You may “have the votes,” but an unanticipated, off-the-wall question can delay or derail success. So, our operating protocol is to contact them all.

Results Backdrop

Producing results

Clients come to us—and stay—because they have a problem, or want to prevent one. There are usually several potential routes to a reasonable solution. Or, they simply need representation in Virginia. We help clients identify the best strategy and then work—and work hard—to implement it.

The Art of Contact:
Our experience + hard work = results

At The Vectre Corporation, we are advocates for management in the expanding arena of government relations. In plain English, we are lobbyists. Our firm provides strategic and tactical services to executives who are responsible for the growing interface between their corporations, or their business and professional associations, and government at the federal, state and local levels.

Clients come to us because they have a problem to solve, or a business opportunity, or to develop a long range strategic approach to working with government at some level.